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Pink is the Thing! (Wedding Trend 2014)

Have you all been watching the Olympics?  I love it all, however I must admit ice skating is my FAVORITE, whether it be singles, pairs, or ice dancers. Did you notice all the sumptuous pink costumes on the female ice dancers?

Thank You Nathalie Pechalat for wearing delicate little ribbons tied onto your arms. Your skating is a joy to watch.

Congratulations to Davis and White on their Gold Medal Performance.

And while we're on the subject, the Huffington Post Weddings has listed a new wedding trend as, you guessed it, pale, blush, luscious pink for wedding gowns, bridesmaids, and or ribbon sashes.
50 Shades of Pink Wedding Dresses by Anne Chertoff

Bridal fashion is a return to romance and a love of days gone by.
If pink is your thing for your wedding gown, check out our four-inch Swiss Double Faced Satin Ribbon  which makes a lovely bridal sash or our regular Double Faced Satin Ribbon for the rest of your wedding needs from invitations to pew bows.  

Yours truly,

The Ribbon Lady

Simple Fun Valentine's Day T-Shirt for Girls

This is a fun and simple craft to add interest to a t-shirt.

Equipment needed:
  • Sharp scissors
  • An iron
  • Heat n Bond (purchase from craft store)
  • An assortment of at least three ribbons of varied widths
  • 8-1/2 x 11 inch piece of cardboard for your heart template
  • An old towel
  • Glue dots

suggested ribbons:
    grosgrain pinks (tulip and azelea)
    lt. pink Swiss mini dots
    white with pink argyle ribbon

1. Cut your ribbons ribbons to slightly overlap your piece of cardboard.   
    Note: I made two hearts fit on my cardboard template 
2. Cut a piece of Heat n Bond to size of the ribbons. Press ribbons onto Heat n Bond according to directions (paper down rough side up ) Protect your ironing board with old cotton cloth or tea towel while you do apply the Heat n Bond.
 Hint:  I use glue dots to hold ribbon in place until I have one end of ribbons pressed and attached.

3. Trace shape of design (hearts) onto the back (paper side)

4. Cut out shape and remove paper --now you may press and or stitch your hearts onto the t-shirt.

Think Shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day with shades of green combo, then comes the Easter Eggs!

the Ribbon Lady

Clever Idea for Wedding Place Card Holders
The peaches have been so wonderful this year that I thought you may want to use them as a place card marker, "for the peachy couple". You can go one step further and wrap an apple for the appleing couple, and then there is the perfect pear, in the spring a small bowl of berries would herald you are the berries. I think a top banana would look odd unless you are having a tropical wedding. come on you clever Facebook fans , come up with some more for me.
Then, you could give a small jar of peach marmalade (or apple or pear conserves) for the favor...
Ingredients for the peach place card holder :
A perfect peach
 8" of 2 1/4" light coral double face satin (or use color of your choice)
12" of 1/8" grosgrain ribbon, I used kiwi (or use color of your choice)
Green card stock for the leaves
I used a cookie cutter to trace my leaves--you artists can do freehand.
One small bamboo skewer---to enlarge the hole in the leaves, a paper punch is too big
Wrap the larger ribbon around the peach
secure with a twist tie.   Tie the grosgrain ribbon around the twist tie site, then get rid of the twist tie.
Cut leaves, print names on leaves, attach to the grossgrain ribbon.
Viola, a perfectly peachy place card holder.
Perhaps you could use a granny smith apple for Granny's Party.

The Ribbon Lady

Napkin Rings

Difficulty Level:  Easy

All you need for this simple craft is:

Step 1.  Measure the interior length of the double ruffle ribbon (the part that isn't the ruffle).
Step 2.  Mark the same length on the paper towel roll creating 4-6 rings.(Make 1 extra)
Step 3.  Use your exacto knife to cut the paper towel roll into rings.

Step 4.  Take the extra ring and cut it lengthwise to measure.
Step 5.  Once you have that measurement, cut 4-6 lengths of the double ruffle ribbon.  Attach to cardboard rings with craft glue.  If using a glue gun, place small beads of glue on the cardboard rings and not long lengths of glue. 
Step 6. (Optional).  Dress the rings up further with a contrasting ribbon as pictured above.  (be sure it is thinner than the double ruffle ribbon of course). 


Candle Surround-Waxpaper and ribbon project

Here's an very economical way to dress up any buffet table or party.  It's called a candle surround because it surrounds a candle. Let's get right to it.

Cut eight pieces of waxed paper into 4" x 4"squares.

Cut eight four-inch lengths of ribbon.  Carefully place your ribbon between the first two layers and iron until they stick together.

Now lay all 4 squares evenly side by side and wrong side up.  Attach them to each other using low tack artist tape. It is a good choice to blend with the wax paper.

Trim any excess tape level with the edge of the wax paper.

If desired, before forming your square, you can trim top and bottom.  I used our non wired black and white checked ribbon in 1/4" pictured below.

Use one of the stitch tapes from your local craft store, such as Heat and Bond, or Stitch Witchery. Works like a charm.

Form your square, join it with another piece of low tack artist tape,and here is the end result.

A good suggestion is to use flickering led lights in these, I did use a tea light in a glass holder, it seemed to do fine. Do remember this is a piece of paper,use good judgement.

If using outdoors, wind will affect the flame so you may want to weight your candle surround with metal washers or coins placed inside the surround.  

I am going to do more using Autumn leaves and crayons and trimming with autumnal ribbons. I have to wait for the Autumn Leaves,(sing it Nat King Cole) but that won't be long!!


Tape such as Low Tack Artist tape
   Fleur De Lis* available from Over the Moon contact for details*
   Black and White gingham check 1/4"
Craft glue or no stitch tape
Wax paper

One can use any combination of ribbon, decals or trim to make this project truly personalized.

The Ribbon Lady

*Fleur de Lis is one of our newer ribbons not yet on the website .There are 3 yds per roll, 7/8" wide.
 Cost is $2.25 per roll. To order contact Alice 

Summer fun with Sarah
In July every year we are blessed with a visit from our granddaughter.  She lives in Florida and we are in Pennsylvania. Usually it is like coming to air-conditioning, but not this year.  Hot hot hot!

We always try to sneak a week or two in to visit Ocean Grove NJ.  More about that in a later blog.  The ocean breeze was wonderful and a relief from the heat.

This year's visit was filled with shopping and more shopping. During these events Sarah was drawn to the sashes and hair bands with flowers and trim. The "Ribbon Granny" (yours truly) sprang into action suggesting we have a craft day: results--Sarah proudly presents our accomplishments.

We added flowers, feathers and butterflies, and carefully made sure we had the correct ribbon to go with the varied outfits we had purchased.

We both agreed most of it worked well with jeans, but equally with the dresses and skirts we purchased.

Once into the stash of ribbons we couldn't stop ourselves.  One of our favorites is the zebra headband with black and white feathers. 

After taking a measurement of her head size,  Sarah stitched a length of zebra ribbon together so there was a finished side on the back as well as the front. we added a small piece of elastic to join the ends together making it possible to slip into place on her head. When all the stitching was complete, we glued the feathers into place.

We made a matching sash that will be great with her black dress, or jeans.

What a wonderful time we had together, and it was fun to watch my granddaughter following in my footsteps!

Alice the Ribbon Lady

Wedding Ideas for Summer Brides
As summer is approaching I wanted to share some good stuff with all the future brides.  Just a note of interest... did you know October has almost surged ahead of June for the public's favorite month to get married?

I want to share with you two of our popular wedding items. One is our lavender hearts in two sizes.
The other being our rice flower candle rings.  The candle rings can double as napkin rings, or be taken home as the favors.

lavender ribbon added
white double face satin
I first want to show you the beautiful lavender wreath. Ta da.

We added our own Over the Moon ribbons. We chose one in all white double face satin and the other with some orchid unwired sheer (on sale for June) added to the white double face satin.

The pictured heart wreaths, shown above, are both 11" wreaths. they would look lovely on your own front door, or on the doors of a wedding ceremony site.   Please don't discount using our smaller 9" wreaths on the windows of the wedding site, or think how pretty they would be on the mirrors, or doors in the ladies room at the reception. I love using the delicate organza ribbon along with a narrow width of double face satin on the smaller wreaths. You may want to consider using a few fresh or good quality silk flowers at the center of the bow,just a little extra touch.  Note: ( the bows have been attached using pearl head pins.)

Picture a shower gift or gift card, with one of the beautiful lavender heart wreaths attached.

napkin ring and candle rings together
Now on to the three inch  mini candle rings/napkin rings".  I like to add a 1/8" ribbon to the ring just to give it a special touch. Pictured is a grosgrain ribbon, however double face satin or sheer would be lovely as well. Remember earlier I mentioned that the ring can serve as a favor?   I would have them nicely wrapped in a basket that the guests can help themselves to at the end of the reception.

1/8 " apple green double faced satin

If you feel it is too difficult to add ribbons to the heart wreath or candle rings, that is something we can do for you at Over the Moon Ribbons.  Contact us.

We look forward to hearing from all of you brides, mothers of brides, maids of honor, and brides maids.

The Ribbon Lady

The Role of Ribbon in the television Series--The Tudors
Beautiful jacquard on Anne of Cleeves played by Joss Stone.
Double faced satin woven into the shoulders of Lady Mary.
Hi all.  My daughter, who is our photographer, graphic designer and cheerleader for our business is a huge fan of historical dramas and loved the costumes on the Tudors which she just streamed with her new Roku box.  Costume designer Joan Bergin has been heralded for the parade of eye candy costumes in this series.  My daughter said she had to wait a long time to see it, but finally in the last episode of season three, ribbon was incorporated in so much of the costumes.  Epaulettes on the visiting Prince Phillip, an intricate weaving of ribbon at the shoulder of Lady Mary and a wide jacquard ribbon across the breastbone of Anne of Cleeves.

 The opening episode of season four continued to  celebrate ribbon with velvets, double faced satins and stunning jacquards.  The show is a visual feast to begin with and we would be honored to supply a drama or series such with ribbon from Over the Moon Ribbons for their costumes.

Read more about the costumes on the Tudors site.

Season Four:  Both king and queen sport ribbon on their costumes.

Ribbon Magic----Make your Favorite Ribbon Wider to Make a Belt or other Craft Project
Here's a little trick if you have a beautiful ribbon that is not wide enough for your project. You only need 5 items for this trick. This is our Burberry inspired plaid. It's a very popular ribbon and can easily be made into a belt.

It comes in two widths--5/8 inch and 1 inch along with its cousins blueberry and raspberry plaid.

To make the ribbon wider  you will need:
Stitch Witchery
  • Your ribbon(s) of choice.
  • Wider blending or contrasting ribbon in the wider width you want to end up with.  We suggest Grosgrain or Lyon taffeta ribbon.
  • Scissors.
  • A fusible bond such as Heat and Bond or Stitch Witchery brand, available at most craft stores, and/or a sewing machine.
  •  iron (if using fusible heat and bond webbing).

Here are some examples of what the 1 inch width  Burberry inspired plaid ribbon looks like stitched, or "stitch-witcheried"onto a 1-1/2 inch length of grosgrain ribbon.

 Notice by using a different colored background the look changes. You may want to use lighter colors for spring and summer.

The spools of fusible webbing give directions that are easy to follow but if  your finished project will be worn and laundered, you may want to consider sewing the ribbons together.  Most of the ribbons on our site are 100% washable. 

Creativity abounds using this method, you may want to use several lengths of a narrower ribbon such as the Blueberry Plaid used on the tan grosgrain to create a belt. When making my belts, I use the Stitch Witchery, and then stitch with the machine.

Some additional info that my be helpful.
The fusible bond may ooze out onto your ironing board, use a cloth to protect your ironing board.
Fusible bond comes in several widths, it can also be easily cut.
If using both a fusible bond and sewing, you may need a heavier needle on your machine to handle the bulk of the project.

As always, if you make any of our crafts, we can post your photos on our Facebook page. 


How To Make a Beautiful Faux Poinsettia
Whether you are decorating your Christmas tree, adding color to your packages, or using it for table decor, this easy-to-make poinsettia is sure to please.  I used Over the Moon Ribbons Elite red velvet for this particular poinsettia , however, you may choose to use any color that will work with your decor.

What you will need:
  • between 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 inch wired ribbon
  • sharp scissors
  • craft glue (Sobo) or glue gun
  • small beads or berries that simulate the stamen of a flower (any craft store will have these in the silk flower section)or a sparkly piece of jewelry
  • 12-inch piece wire or 1 pipe cleaner

Step 1:  cut 4 pieces of  ribbon approximately 8 inches long
Step 2:  cut 4 pieces of ribbon approximately 6 inches  long
Step 3:  take each piece of ribbon and cut a point on each end
Step 4:  start with the longer pieces of ribbon.  Fan out into a flower shape.  Squeeze all of them at the center.  While continuing to squeeze, add the shorter pieces on top.  (If it looses it's shape, don't  worry, you can reshape).
Step 5:  Fold wire in half, fold side at top of flower.  Now add the wire or pipe cleaner to your flower twisting as tight as you can at bottom of faux flower.
Step 6:  Glue the berries or  jewelry to center of flower (glue gun or craft glue (Sobo) will work fine.

For a video tutorial with additional tips, try our extremely popular video:

The Ribbon Lady

Carol Brings Joy to Eaton Village
When Carol ordered 300 yards of weatherproof velvet, I had to know what was going to happen to all that velvet. She wanted to beautify her neighborhood for Christmas, and beautify she did. Twenty four gigantic bows later you can see the results.

Kudos to you Carol,the bows are spectacular!!!

Do you have pictures of your creations using Over the Moon Ribbons? We love to see them.  Send to ribbonlady70@gmail.com.

The Ribbon Lady

Remember Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is almost my favorite holiday. It truly is a time for family, food, and of course decorating.

I  keep the decorating part somewhat simple.  I know what I will be decorating for  within a week. That being said, please enjoy the richness of pumpkins, fruits, hams,  turkeys,  turduckins, chestnuts, stuffing, and apple and pumpkin pies. Don't be too quick to get out the tinsel and mistletoe.

I always, always have ribbon on my napkins in some way, even if it is a simple bow.

This year I  will carve out my "mini pumpkins"and fill them with fresh flowers in autumnal colors. If I can find some nice brown oak leaves I will give them a wash of copper or bronze to complete my Thanksgiving table.

Of course my table won't be complete without the best china I own, the silver, the celery dish, and salt dishes we have used in my family since I was a kid.

All of the above can happen the day before, so while I am cooking, and watching the parade, boiling the giblets etc. I can walk by the dinning room table and know this truly is a special day not to be forgotten.

Just remember, on Thanksgiving, you can eat anything you want to-----"Why do you think they call it Thanksgiving?" A quote from a great lady, Irma Bombeck.

You must have some childhood memories, I would love to hear them.


The Ribbon Lady

Victorian Days in Belvidere New Jersy
Despite earthquakes, hurricanes and severe flooding, Victorian Days went on.
Some ribbon offerings
from Over the Moon at Victorian Days
The weekend after labor day the Ribbon Lady and the Ribbon Man look forward to the lovely Victorian Days Event in Belvidere, NJ. We fill our vintage suitcases with ribbon, the van with autumn wreaths, garlands and arrangements and away we go.

Couple in vintage clothing for
 Victorian Days in Belvidere, NJ
This year involved quite a bit or maneuvering to get to our space because the Peaquest Creek caused major problems for the residences of this quaint historical town in New Jersey.

The antique cars took up their spots with the owners proudly polishing and shining every speck of dust off of them. All the antique dealers and crafters were in the same spots they have occupied for many years around the beautiful square that is the center of Belevidere.
The master of ceromonies and the town crier proudly announced that the clocks were turned back to the year 1900. The costumed residence and visitors started to appear strolling about, the Star Spangled Banner was played, and Victorian Days 2011 opened.

There was much entertainment, with singing and dancing, the old calliope from Holland played, banjo bands, house tours, Victorian fashion shows, gentleman's auction, afternoon tea, an old time baseball game, and delicious homemade offerings from the churches that surround the square.

Next year will be the 25th anniversary of Belvidere Days.  I suspect it will be bigger and better than ever. Mary Ann and her devoted staff always seem to pull this huge undertaking together.

Oh yea, oh yea congratulations to Belvidere to be able to present the 24th annual Victorian Days in grand style despite,earthquakes, hurricanes, and severe flooding!
The ribbon Lady at Victorian Days

For more about Victorian Days, visit www.daysvictorian@aol.com

Ribbons "Down the Shore"
The Ribbon Lady and family had the pleasure of two weeks "down the shore" in Ocean Grove NJ.  I am always looking for fellow ribbon lovers, and the quaint little Victorian town of Ocean Grove delivered.

Ocean Grove is one mile square with a huge Methodist Auditorium and "tent city"smack dab in the middle where traditionally, the Methodists lived to be close to the church. You can still hear the large choirs as you walk by.  The town and auditorium date back to the 1800's, it's only been in the past 20 years that the town has allowed people to drive on Sunday.  Go to http://www.oceangrovenj/,  for a more extensive description of the town. One visit there and you will fall in love.  You just feel like any minute John Phillip Sousa,and 76 trombones will  come marching down the street all at the same time, while playing Stars and Stripes Forever!

Lovely Victorian wreaths, red white and blue buntings,and charming "painted ladies" abound.  Of course there were lovely ribbons on the wreaths, one home had celebrated a graduation with school colored ribbons all along their white picked fence, but my personal favorite was the basket of impatience, with the double face satin ribbons streaming from the planter.

So my friends as summer starts to fade, I will remember fondly our special family time "down the shore" in Ocean Grove.

What is your favorite summer time memory?

It's July 5th, that means yesterday was the 4th of July.

These holidays always bring a large surge of patriotism to my sole.I am one of those that cry at parades, and the Hallmark card counter.

I missed the parade yesterday, but didn't miss the family picnic---I love watermelon on the 4th,I know it has a lot of carbs but I enjoyed it.

The patriotic spirit took me back to Memorial day weekend, when I visited with my friend Donna in Auburn NY. One of the local Schools sponsored a fund raiser. Residents were offered an opportunity to purchase a flag, in honor or in memory of a friend or loved one. Each flag was tagged with names of the donators as well as the honoree. All were carefully placed in alphabetical order so the donors could claim their flags after the weekend.

To see 4500 Flags around this lovely pond, with a beautiful gazebo as it,s centerpiece was quite a site,and touched me deeply.

Only one thing could have made it better-----attach the tags with Over the Moon Ribbons.

May the Star Spangled Banner wave

Bring out the Artist Within
This past weekend we had the pleasure of a real get-away, with no agenda!

We escaped to a little town in New Jersey called Frenchtown. A B&B seemed just the thing, so off to the Widow McCree house, a charming 1800's home with many modern but well done updates.

Hunterdon County (NJ) and Buck's County (PA) are separated by the Delaware River, they are truly a weekend getaway delight.

Two of our BFFs met us there, so we were off to a weekend of fine dining, fun, shopping, and viewing of artists galleries. Which brings me to the meat of my story.

In one of the chichi galleries, there was a framed ribbon weaving in the tumbling block style. Although well done, I was dismayed the artist didn't use prettier ribbon. To top it all off, it was was mounted on a fabric covered box but the fabric was badly wrinkled.

I was curious to know how much one could charge for a piece I knew I could create better. It was a mere $400.00.

And so my fellow ribbon lovers; Google "ribbon weaving-tumbling block pattern", and you too can become an artist.

My personal favorite is Elaine Schmidt's book The Complete Guide to Ribbon Craft available on Amazon.

Send pictures, and keep on playing with ribbon.

Alice aka The Ribbon Lady

Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet with The Blue Ribbons On It!
 My web savvy audience might not remember the song that I named this blog after.  It’s over 100 years old and reminds me of one of our favorite customers, Timely Tresses.  I have relationships with many of our customers and their lives and stories are so interesting that I decided to share with you.

Danielle Perry and Mandy Foster of Timely Tresses are located in Oxford, North Carolina. They make historic and authentic millinery from the regency to the civil war period. Each style is carefully researched and designed to faithfully represent historic fashion. When you love what you do, it shows. That’s why Timely Tresses was chosen to design bonnets for the Jane Austin Festival for the Royal Opera Company in London.

I love getting orders from Timely Tresses since they order ribbon that we are proud of; beautiful and luxurious ribbons such as our Swiss double faced satins and velvets that represent the attention to detail that Timely Tresses is known for. 

Whether you are a re-enactor, or you love history and reflect it in your decorating, Danielle, and Mandy are the women to contact.

View Danielle and Mandy’s work at Timely Tresses, or visit them on Facebook.

Until next blog,

Over the Moon Ribbons

Over the Moon in Honduras
Two years ago I joined a mission group and visited a little mountain place in San Buena Ventura, Honduras. It is a children’s home of 68 kids rescued from the streets to a home of love, food, shelter and hope!  The name of this special place is the Lamb Institute.
During that trip, members of the group were presented with an opportunity to sponsor a child. My husband and I decided it was the least we could do for these little angels, and we chose a little boy named Alexander.

This year I decided to take Over the Moon to Honduras, and packed one large suitcase full of Over the Moon Ribbons.
WOW, I never expected the response I received all the girls ended up with 2-3 hair bows, as well as creating belts for themselves with ribbon and beads-----even the boys wanted them for their “tutors (house mothers) It did seem strange to me that they were claiming to have  3 to 4 tutors when I knew there was only one, but I let them think they could pull one over on me because they were having so much fun doing it!

Then came the big day----One of the young ladies of Lamb Institute was getting married and could not afford a wedding until one of the members of our visiting group, I will call him ST, paid for her to have a wedding in the magnificent chapel.  

There were two wedding specialists along including me.  We engaged the children and set to work using the few resources we had brought along.  Most of the items had been purchased ahead in Honduras, thanks to ST. 

We wanted it to be a wedding that they loved, and not one we imposed on them.
The wedding was Over the Moon, nothing to do with ribbons, only to do with a rag-tag bunch of nine volunteers who truly cared about making this world a better place to live.

Thank You to the Charleston Mission Group for your southern hospitality to this Yankee!
If you would like to know more about our adventure, and how you can help, contact me at ribbonlady.

Winter on the Ribbon Lady's Mountain
Hello everyone one, and Happy New Year.

It is a beautiful, snowy day her in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  I felt compelled to snap a few pictures to share with you. They show you the beauty of our winter.

I am one of those few that actually enjoys winter. I love the shorter days, the shadows in the snow by 4 pm, the frozen ponds, good food by a crackling fire, the snowy days when everything is canceled along with the conversations at Rosie's (the local spot for breakfast)"Did you get out ok?  Do you plan on going over the mountain? Did they Plow Fox Gap yet? Are there  really people out on the Appellation Trail?"
Ask me in March if I still feel the same. Last year we had 100 inches, it did get a bit waring by March.

I took a picture of the bird frenzy at one of the feeders,  our little evergreen at night, and the kids enjoying the frozen Tarn. (Scottish for Pond.)

I have a lot more, but I didn't think you would want to look at 100 pictures of what I deem beautiful.

Here at Over the Moon we are thinking spring. Here is a picture of  a very small sampling of what is coming to the website. We will be featuring lots of checks and dots, as well as some jacquards and woven ribbons from France.

If you haven't visited our Swiss Double Faced Satin Ribbon do so--it is truly luxurious and comes in luscious colors.

Look forward to more blogs from me in 2011 (one of my resolutions), keep your creative juices flowing.

a.k.a The Ribbon Lady

Red Plaid Christmas Ribbon Combination

Here's something a lot of people never consider...pairing your ribbons for a really special look to your holiday gifts or tree.  Each week, I'll post one to two videos about these pairings.  Some are traditional, some are modern showstoppers.  You may want to visit my previous blog on how to decorate your tree with ribbon.  It's very informative with a whole lot of tips.  Even my daughter who helped to film it learned a lot.  So here's the first--a very traditional look. 

Tutorial-Decorate your Christmas Tree Beautifully with Ribbon

About Grosgrain Ribbon
Did you know the translation for the French word grosgrain?  It is coarse texture. This ribbon is aptly named, because it is a textured woven ribbon, very sturdy and utilitarian. It is durable and washable hence you will see it in many fashions, the brim of hats,wraped and woven into plaits and pigtails and, cheerleader ribbon. You can find grosgrain ribbon in many widths, solids, patterns pleats and sometimes scalloped edges. Grosgrains are made of a variety of fibers usually a blend of cotton and viscose, and more recently, green and ecological bamboo.

Grosgrain is an excellent choice for hair ribbons, because it doesn't slide or un-tie

Here at Over the Moon Ribbons we have a wide range of grosgrains,in the coming weeks the Swiss dot. confetti dot, and asprin dots will arrive.

Although the bamboo is not shown, it is available, just e-mail me with your request.www.allim089@cs.com

Dressing up the Pumpkins

As you all know I am in love with fall and I have been dressing pumpkins for years.

You can choose to spray paint your pumpkin a color, or leave it au natural.
I am a big fan of coppery colors, and since the two places where I'm likely to put this pumpkin, the fireplace mantle or the dining room table, are dark, copper works well (in fact, any metallic color works well to bring light to an otherwise dark area).

Next I looked around my studio for ribbons and stuff to add to the little critters. What you see is the end result.

I used sheer ribbons, red gold from our Luxor Collection, and double faced satins. You can pin or glue your creations onto your pumpkin neck. Tying works well too, but if they are moved much the tying sometimes slips and moves around.

Spray painting doesn't seem to affect the life of a pumpkin, in fact it may lengthen it; it seems to seal it as long as there are no blemishes.

Another helpful tip is to be sure to add ribbons on both sides it it is a true centerpiece. If it is only viewed from one side this is not necessary.

You can choose large or small pumpkins, all size pumpkins, you can even choose an artificial pumpkin.

I have used them as an inexpensive centerpiece for charity events, as decorations on my table, as place card holders etc.

Add some fall leaves or some fall garland to give them a little extra punch.

Jodie and Bill are having their wedding here on the mountain this week, I will be showing you pictures of their dressed ladies next week, a real variation on a theme.

IT'S FALL !!!!!
At last, my favorite season. As August arrives and we have a few more heat waves, I am reminded and comforted by knowing fall is almost here.

Now we are in wonderful September with its cool nights and Indian Summer days and I am renewed!

I retired my summer wreath last week and replaced it with a new creation. I used a birch wreath base and studded it with autumm leaves of olive/greens, golds and orange/reds. I added some pale yellow gold pears, followed by my favorite copper accents. All of these items are artificial, but beautiful.
Great possibilities when you combine ribbon!

Of course now I am getting to the good stuff-ribbons. My wreath is under a small overhang, mostly protected from the weather. I used Over the Moon Ribbons 2 inch velvet in reseda combined with 1-1/2 inch width Luxor metalic in red/gold, which is a very coppery metallic, mesh, wired ribbon. I really love the combination, but you can have fun coming up with your own winning combos.

The Luxor line of ribbon is great for outdoors.   If you have some protection from the elements, our double faced satins, grosgrain's, velvets, or any ribbons from our fall collection would be wonderful too. Most of our fall collection is outdoor worthy.

Just a little FYI, I will make a bow of your color choice, and send it safely to you. The price will depend upon what ribbon you choose, they range between $8.00 and $18.00, plus shipping.

I will have a few Halloween and Thanksgiving ideas for you, so stay tuned fellow crafters!!

Until next time

Over the Moon Ribbons

Beautiful Decorative Candles for Unity Candles or Special Occasions

I was thinking about something beautiful that could be done with candles, this is what I came up with.  I have crisscrossed 1/4" sheer ribbon onto a straight sided taper, and added some accents from the local craft store.

Caution: Be sure to test all materials to be sure they will not catch fire.  When I burned my candle the paper flowers melted, the pearls dropped as the candle burned. The ribbon melted, but did not catch fire. 

There were no products I used that were a fire hazard, including Morex sheer organdy ribbons sold by Over the Moon Ribbons.

Materials needed :
  • 1/4" sheer organdy and/or double faced satin ribbon
  • sharp scissors
  • straight sided candles ( I used Carolina Candles) I suggest using a good quality candle, you will have longer burn time
  • glue gun
  • embellishments of your choice

After some trial and error, it became apparent, you don't use your glue gun to glue the ribbon to the candle, but merely to melt the wax on the candle so the ribbon will adhere to the melted wax. This method works quite well.

Start with a length of ribbon approximately 14 inches long.

Cut the top at a 45 degree angle and adhere to the candle using the glue gun to melt the wax,by touching the hot glue gun to the ribbon on the candle.

Once dry,( about 1 minute) spiral the ribbon down the candle, keep the distance between the ribbon equal. at the bottom adhere again using the same hot wax method.

Cut another length  the same as the first one .  Cut at a 45 degree angle. Start at the top exactly where you began ribbon number one,but now you will be spiraling in the opposite direction, making sure to keep all the crossing points in a straight line with the candle. Attach at bottom, hot wax method.

Now the fun begins. At each crossing pint attach ,a pearl, rhinestone, little flower, bow,etc.  I found these could be glued to the ribbon using glue gun or craft glue. Just go to your local craft store, and let your imagination run wild.

Same idea this time with floral embellishments.

This design would work well for unity candles, as their purpose is not to burn for a long period of time.

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